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Easiest Way to Rig a Berkley GULP Shrimp for Saltwater Fishing

July 19, 2017 157 No Comments


Gulp shrimp are now one of my favorite baits to use during the winter months. When they first came out, I thought they were a complete gimmick and refused to use them given their cost and that they seemed to be over-hyped (however that was often the case).

However, I finally gave them a shot and realized that they truly are an awesome choice for inshore fisherman pursuing redfish, trout, snook, flounder, etc.

Although they are more expensive than most other soft plastic options, their scent truly does seem to help catch more fish and the fact that they are made of a stronger material helps you catch more fish per tail than the others (which makes the price per caught fish to be just as good if not better than the others).

This video shows the jig style that I’ve found to maximize fish catching success. It is made by Berkley (parent company of Gulp) and the smaller ridges somehow hold on to the baits better than the others (my earlier favorite type was a DOA C.A.L. jig head, which I still use for non-Gulp baits).

In case you’re curious, the Gulp jig head on this video is 1/8 oz with a 2/0 hook.

To see the full review (pros and cons) of these Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp, check it out here now:

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