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Salt Gameplay – Sailing the Big Pirate Ship, Offshore Fishing – Salt Gameplay Part 9

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Salt Gameplay Part 9 – Huge Pirate Ship, Offshore Fishing Guide!
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Basic Raft Crafting Recipe: 7 wood, 2 fabric
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What is Salt?
Salt is a game based around exploration and adventure where you sail across a vast ocean exploring different islands. The world of Salt is procedurally generated, providing you with an endless amount of exploration. During your adventure you will meet various challenges and obstacles that you will have to overcome, as well as discovering the real story behind the world of Salt. You will fight pirates, hunt animals for food, defend yourself from enemies at night, sail the ocean waves, craft items from resources you find throughout the world, and discover mysterious places throughout your adventure.

The world is a vast ocean filled with islands of different shapes and sizes to explore and loot. These islands are procedurally placed and generated. By default, everyone’s world will be generated the same. This means you can tell your friends about where you found a pirate village or an awesome treasure chest. If you want a completely different world, you can choose that option when starting a new game.

Gathering and Crafting
In Salt, you will find various resources on islands to help you throughout your adventure. These resources will help you to craft weapons, armor, potions, traps, boats, and more. Some resources can only be found at certain times and places, so always be on the lookout!

Many of the islands that you may encounter will be inhabited by bands of pirates or nocturnal predators. It is good to be ready to defend yourself. Start by crafting a crude weapon and some armor. You will find better equipment as you explore the world and take on more dangerous foes.

Boats are used to travel between the islands in the world. Sailing is in real time and done manually. Board your boat, cast the sails, and man the helm. There is no fast travel. There are multiple types of boats that can be crafted, and some are better than others in terms of size, speed and maneuverability.

During your travels, you will encounter wildlife throughout the islands. You can hunt these creatures for survival or just for sport. Resources you gather from hunting can be used for food or to craft weapons and supplies.

Merchants and Trading
You can occasionally find a wayward merchant who is willing to trade with you. Sell your un-needed supplies for gold, and use it to purchase better items. Different merchants can carry different items so always be sure to stop by and check on their supplies.


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