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Tiwi Adventure Offshore Fishing ► All 4 Adventure TV

July 24, 2017 217 No Comments


Jase and Simon get up to a great afternoon of fishing off the Tiwi Islands. There’s jewfish and cod and coral trout and more!

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About All 4 Adventure Series 6: The Rugged North ►
The Rugged North sees Jason Andrews and Simon Anderson heading out for another wild adventure starting in the remotest areas of Western Australia’s Kimberley region and spanning right across the Northern Territory and into Queensland’s Gulf country. The 4WDs get a punishing as the guys tackle tracks that haven’t been travelled in years, and then the boys take to the water for some long distance runs off-shore and a heart-stopping ride through the treacherous Horizontal Waterfalls. There’s plenty of fishing action, as well as spectacular scenery and fascinating history.


Offshore fishing