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D.O.A. PT-7 Weedless Topwater Lure Review

July 31, 2017 266 No Comments


We are always in search of the best topwater lures available…

And this new DOA PT-7 weedless topwater lure got our attention for two reasons:

1) It’s made by DOA who normally makes pretty good artificial lures
2) It’s a weedless topwater lure, which really sets it apart from most of the other topwaters that have treble hooks (aka not weedless)

As you’ll see in the video, the downside of this DOA lure is that it doesn’t have the same kind of “walk the dog” action that many of the other best topwater lures have. In fact, it submarined a bit and looked kind of sloppy at times.

However, I did find that it skips probably better than most other topwater lures out there, and the fact that it’s weedless means I will probably keep one handy in my tacklebox.

To see the full review of this DOA PT-7 Lure, click here now:

DOA PT-7 Weedless Topwater Lure Review [VIDEO]

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