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How To Maintain Saltwater Aquarium – Weekly maintenance on a 100g saltwater fish reef tank

August 1, 2017 153 No Comments


Salt water aquariums are very easy to maintain and not that different from freshwater. Other than adding salt to your water and checking a few parameters its a fairly quick process. Today i walk you through what I do on a weekly biases to maintain my saltwater fish tank. I do have a lot of extra equipment on my that that is not need if you have a smaller tank… On a tank of 30g or less you could simply get away with just a 5g water change and not worry about skimmers and dosing (unless you have a ton of sps!) Skimmers will however reduce the need for water changes.

I Sped about 20 minutes once a week to “maintain” my tank and spend the rest of the week enjoying it.. its a pretty good trade! 🙂


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