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The Ocean is NOT YOUR Swimming Pool!!! (Shark Week)

August 2, 2017 308 No Comments


Yes I said it, The Ocean is not your swimming pool, nor should anyone feel entitled to swim in it without the risk of a shark bite or attack, from a great white or any shark.Shark week is here and that means Discovery channels lineup of shows has the public glued to their TV’s. Many of these shows and documentaries are largely falsified and are mean to invoke fear and mass hysteria in people, attacking at peoples phobia of Shark attacks. As a saltwater fisherman in South Florida I have been fishing my entire life and have seen the various sides of sharks, as apex predators and killers of the natural world. I have seen them going full cannibal an eat each other and go into feeding frenzies where they attack boats or even buckets. I have caught and released sharks including hammerheads, bulls and tigers, from the beach and offshore while deep sea fishing.

This video is meant to educate and inform the public that the ocean is an amazing, yet violent ecosystem, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. After all we are all part of the natural world, that so many have tried to disconnect from.

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