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Destin Florida Inshore and Kayak Fishing – How & Where

August 4, 2017 120 No Comments


Inshore Fishing in Destin Florida – In this video, I use Google Earth to share four spots that I like to fish when I’m in Destin, as well as what baits and lures I use.

This is the first of a series videos. I am going to Destin in 2 weeks and will be posting fishing vids from these 4 spots. Stay tuned for kayak fishing, beach fishing, bridge and pier fishing videos.

If you have fished in the area before and can offer tips or locations, PLEASE SHARE! I’ll try those out while I’m there and tag you. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!


Fast Forward 2014… All I want to do is troll from a kayak 😉


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