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Paddleboard Fishing Tips – Inshore Flats and Backcountry Fishing Edition

August 5, 2017 186 No Comments


Stand Up Paddleboard fishing (SUP fishing) can be difficult, but it’s extremely effective and rewarding when done properly.

This video shows some tips that I’ve found to significantly increase my results when fishing inshore waters for redfish, snook, and trout.

More importantly, these tips allowed me to catch more fish with less effort given that they’re designed minimize your efforts with activities such as handling your paddle while fishing as well as managing your board when wade fishing.

The benefits of paddleboard fishing are that you can see tons of fish due to the quite nature of having no motor and the elevated position you have compared to kayak fishing… it truly is an incredible vehicle for scanning a flat or mangrove line for good fish.

Also, paddle boards are typically much easier to load and unload from your vehicle at the loading area and when exploring mangrove trails and hidden lakes way up in the backcountry.

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