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Fishbites | What the bait store doesn’t want you to know | Fishing For Whiting | Fishing Galveston

August 9, 2017 217 No Comments


Fish bites and whiting are the BEST all around bait, especially for Red drum ( redfish ) and Black drum. Whiting are big and plentiful during the winter and early spring months up and down the gulf coast and medium size in the summer. I have caught 2 personal best redfish on whiting. Whiting are NOT trash fish!! Possibly one of the best inshore fish to eat, but today I focused on catching the whiting for bait.

I made this video while getting skunked fishing for Bull Redfish. Gotta make the best out of a fishing trip, even if you get skunked!

The best bait to use for whiting in my opinion is definitely pink shrimp flavored fishbites. I like fishbites because of their durability and how inexpensive they are. Fishbites will save you tons of money!!! Why do you think they never sell it at the bait store lol??

Gear Used
9ft Daiwa coastal sp surf rod 2 to 5oz
Daiwa Ballistic 4000ex
30lb Fins braid
Walmart double drop leader
Trokar 2/0 circle hook
Pink shrimp Fishbites
shimano spheros spinning reel

Fishing with fishbites
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Fishing for whiting
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Surf fishing with fishbites
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