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Beach Fishing To Catch Saltwater Fish At White Sand Beach ~ Casting and Bottom #SALTWATER FISHING

August 19, 2017 266 No Comments


Set of activities of Group Fishing Mania. See and Watch Our Collections Video. From Freshwater To Saltwater. Swamp, River, Fish Pond, Estuary and Deepsea Etc.

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Fish World Information :

** Beach Fishing To Catch Saltwater Fish At White Sand Beach ~ Casting and Bottom #SALTWATER FISHING **

Happy ~ Enjoy Fishing!!!
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This channel also broadcasts many types of fishing trips to various locations with different fishing techniques “Jigging”, “Popping”, “Trolling”, “Casting”, “Bottom Fishing”, “Fly Fishing” and other techniques. Film documentation of various events outside the fishing trip such as meeting, a family gathering , providing assistance in natural disasters and fire , community service , etc.

In addition , this channel also provides information and tutorials various fishing purposes . Such as how to create a feed , how to fix a reel and how to take care of him , make the hook itself from steel wire , make a recipe bait for fishing in the pond , how to make a fishing knot and how to set your own stick fishing rods and set it so nice and strong. And various video sensation fishing with various types of fish both in the sea , estuaries , rivers , swamp , lakes.

And various information types of fish, like giant travelly fish, barramundi , black bass, mangrove jack, red snapper, grouper, marlin, todak, dogtooth, yellow fin, ruby snapper, emperor, white spotted, baronang , stingrays, barracuda, tarphoon, giant snakehead, cork~snakehead~murrel fish, Hampala, jelawat, catfish, carp, climbing perch, mozambique tilapia, nil tilapia, eel, shrimp and various other fish species.


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