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Z-Man EZ KeeperZ Weighted Hook Review (Soft Plastic Fishing Hook)

August 28, 2017 196 No Comments


In search of the best fishing hook for soft plastic lures?

Have you seen this new soft plastic weighted hook by Z-Man called the EZ KeeperZ hook?

It’s a pretty cool hook.

Check out the full review of the Z-Man EZ Keeperz hook here:

Z-Man EZ Keeperz Weighted Hook For Soft Plastics [VIDEO REVIEW]

And it’s about time there is a solid hook that actually works with the Z-man soft plastic lures (the popular Owner TwistLock hook doesn’t work very well with most Z-man lures because the “twist lock” spring won’t stay in the super-flexible Z-man material).

The interesting thing about this weighted fishing hook is that you can “lock in” the soft plastic two different ways:

1) By clipping the soft plastic into the clamp
2) By putting the sharp point directly in the top of the soft plastic (similar to how the spring of the Owner TwistLock works)

This hook comes in a 3-pack and looks to be priced around the $5.99 range.

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