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The HUNT For A 150 MILLION Year OLD Living DINOSAUR!! CATCH CLEAN COOK – American Alligator

September 1, 2017 279 No Comments


WARNING! This video contains a wild alligator hunt and cleaning which may be upsetting to some viewers. Everything in the video was done legally following the regulations set forth by the FWC. Hunts are put on by the state in an effort to control gator populations.

Last week I was invited to go on a hunt for a 150 million year old living dinosaur!! (The American alligator) My buddy got two gator tags for a canal near Lake Okeechobee, FL. We harvested two 8ft alligators humanely, by snagging them with treble hooks while fishing. In this video, we show you how to clean, skin and butcher the Alligator as we had learned from watching a (DMFD) Dear Meat For Dinner Video. The meat was divided amongst friends and family and put to good use. The alligator hide will be sent to a tannery for leather products and the heads will be mounted.

The Alligator tail was prepared in a marsala sauce with pasta and is a gator recipe you have to try!

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