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Catching Catfish on Skipjack Shad

October 2, 2017 168 No Comments


I took a little trip with my daughter, Kaylee. We hit Nickajack Lake hoping to find a big one. Action was slow. Not surprising, tho, considering it was brutally hot outside. It’s been a pretty hot September. Once air and water temps cool down, the anchor bite should pick back up. Cut skipjack is my go to bait when targeting catfish. I do very well catching catfish on this bait.

When: September 16, 2017
Where: Nickajack, Tennessee River
Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm
Water Temperature: 74°
Current Level: 45,000 cfs
Bait: Cut skipjack
Light Tackle: 6′ medium action Shakespeare Ugly Stik rod with a Sienna 2500FD reel spooled with with 10 lb monofiliament line down to a 20 lb monofilament leader with a 4/0 kahle hook
Heavy Tackle: 7.6′ Shattered Cat rod with an Okuma Classic XT CLX-300 L baitcaster levelwind reel spooled with 50 lb monofilament line carolina rigged with an 80 lb monofilament leader down to a Team Catfish 8/0 double action circle hook and a Medium action 7.5′ B’N’M’ Silver Cat Magnum rod with an Okuma Classic XT CLX-300 L baitcaster levelwind reel spooled with 30 lb monofilament line santee cooper rigged with the demon dragon peg float with a 50 lb monofilament leader down to a 8/0 double circle hook
Method: Drifting and anchor fishing from my 17′ Aluminum G3 DLX 1756 Gator Jon Boat


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