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Fly Fishing for Game Fish in the Flats of the Florida Keys

November 21, 2017 443 No Comments


There is nothing in the world like stalking game fish with a fly rod in the shallow backcountry of the Florida Keys. And right now is the best time to go on the hunt with Saltwater Angler.

Pursue your prey in the skinny water alongside your favorite guide. Or let our experts match you with the best captain for your game. This isn’t fishing for trout in a tiny river, this is fly fishing at it’s finest – in the best conditions in the world.

Imagine – Light breezes and clear waters put your target in sight as you hunt down that quicksilver flash on the most beautiful flat you have ever seen.

Whether you’re after bonefish, permit, or a massive tarpon — the fight of your life awaits you in the flats of the Florida Keys.

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