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Bonacca tells the story of a few Honduran fly fishing guides from the Bay Island of Guanaja. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch ravaged Guanaja, and the natives were stripped of nearly everything, including almost 95% of their mangrove population which was a vital habitat to their fishery. In Mitch’s wake, an already struggling economy found it difficult to rebuild.

When now head fishing guide Rankin Jackson was on the mainland working as a rafting guide he met Colorado trout bum Steve Brown and the two quickly shared a bond over fishing. Rankin invited Brown to Guanaja to explore the fishery with him, and it was then that the story unfolded.

Jobs were close to none and still are, but Rankin and his brothers looked to their ancestral past as fishermen and quickly learned how to become fly fishing guides, chasing permit, tarpon, and bonefish. Fishing ran deep in their blood, but fly fishing was a new opportunity and way of life.

Bonacca offers a unique perspective, from the local fly fishing guide’s eyes, on the saltwater fly fishing world, and how it’s benefiting themselves and their island by teaching sustainability and giving them hope for a brighter future. Mangroves are being planted and a treasured fish that was once a meal for the dinner table is now being protected.

The name stems from the largest town in Guanaja, Bonacca Cay.


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