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New Fly Fishing Basics

December 14, 2017 100 No Comments


From casting for freshwater trout in small mountain streams to saltwater fly fishing for Sailfish and Marlin, this instructional program is the product of over 50 years experience gained from fly fishing every conceivable location and situation possible. Select segments of the program cover the essentials of fly fishing equipment and setup such as choosing the right rod, line choices for every situation, knots and fly styles. Lessons and examples include basic casting techniques, expert casts for difficult situations and the proper way to fish lakes, streams and rivers. The program also provides step-by-step lessons for basic fly tying.
Subject details include: Basic Fishing Techniques in Lakes, Streams & Rivers; Entomology; Basic Casting Techniques; Knots; Equipment; Basic Fly Tying; Advanced Techniques; Choosing the right rod and Line choice for every situation.

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