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Fishing For Science: Giant Trevally in Seychelles

June 27, 2018 291 No Comments


Fishing for Science: Giant Trevally
Giant Trevally (GT) is a fish revered by many cultures and prized by sportfishermen around the globe. Little is known about the interconnectivity of populations of this important species found throughout coastal waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Jessica Glass, from Yale University, is working to understand this connectivity through genetic analyses of fish sampled throughout their range. To help her accomplish this, fellow scientist and angler, Gaelin Rosenwaks, traveled to the Seychelles with Jessica to catch and sample GTs in the waters surrounding the inner Granitic Islands, where fish and samples are scarce. It’s fishing for science!

Produced and Directed: Gaelin Rosenwaks
Director of Photography: Chris Theibert

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