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First time Michigan bass fishing in 2018

December 4, 2018 320 No Comments


Thank you for watching my video First time Michigan bass fishing in 2018

Thank you for watching my channel it’s kind of like videos of bass fishing for beginners. I’m not really good at giving bass fishing tips and techniques or largemouth bass fishing tips. But I love making videos for bass fishing youtube watchers. Bass fishing videos are always fun to make because I get to play with my bass fishing gear and bass fishing lures One day I would love to make pro bass fishing videos but I have to get there first.




Gear I Use:

Lumix g7:

Blackmagic 4k camera:

Go Pro Hero 6:

Sony FDR X3000


Fishing Net

My Go to Spinning Reel:

My Go to Spinning Rod:

My Go to Casting Reel:

My Go to Casting Rod:

I was happy to finally get my boat out onto the water. We went to a local lake that wasn’t too far from Lansing. It’s spring time and since I only really like to do bass fishing I was pretty much just using a jerkbait. I also used a whopper plopper even though it wasn’t really the right conditions for top water and I still caught one large mouth bass. I like to try to use a lot of bass lures but today I had to go with what works. For me what I found that works for spring bass fishing is a jerkbait. Especially in really clear water. I like to use chartreuse and bluegill colored baits.

I won’t tell anyone the bass lures and how to use them but I will tell you that when I use a jerkbait that jerking it in different patterns and then letting is settle for 2-3 seconds before you jerk it again seem to work best for me. My favorite bass lure is a 5 inch strike king suspending jerk bait. I like the suspending jerk bait because it sits in the water without floating to the top and there for looks more like a dying fish. I was hoping to get a nice big bass but pretty much only caught small bass. I caught more spotted bass than I did largemouth bass even though I wasn’t really spotted bass fishing.

I pretty much use a spinning rod and reel when I use the jerkbait. I find that it’s less work than a bait caster and you don’t get any bird nests that can happen if not properly holding the fishing line while jerking the bait.

I use a rapala floating jerkbait when I’m in shallower weedy water. I hate getting caught up in the weeds but I know that it does happen quite a bit. I’m hoping to do a lot more fishing this year and making more fishing videos. I hope that you like this fishing video so I can make more of them.

The lake we fished was very clear water. It was really nice my favorite fishing conditions.

I’m just a everyday regular guy, but I have a lot going on. I’m building or a new house, renovating office space for my new video studio, all while planning to move to Hawaii. As well I try to make time to stay active with my kids and spend time outdoors while I still have the chance.

I try to spend as much time on my boat as possible fishing for bass. At times I try to target cat fish, pike and walleye. I’m sure many things will change when I get to Hawaii.

I will be vlogging as much as I can. My vlogs will include everyday life, fishing, deer hunting, building my house and building my studio in my office.

Thank you for watching my channel.





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