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How To Catch Freshwater Fish (Cichlids, Bluegill, Tilapia, Oscars, Etc.)

March 14, 2019 48 No Comments


When I was growing up, my Dad and I use to do a lot of freshwater fishing for pan fish such as bluegill, cichlid, oscars, etc. This is basically where my passion of fishing started.

This type of fishing can be very fun, especially if you are taking your kid fishing or even someone who has never fished before. It is a very simple way to fish but very effective.

All you are going to need is:
-Rod and Reel
-Snap Weight
-Small Hook
-Bait: Night crawlers, Flour, or Bread

If you go to pretty much any pond or canal system you will find these small fish just waiting to snatch up a free meal. Even though you may not be catching monster fish, this type of fishing still poses a challenge. Micro fishing isn’t all that easy as it may seem. Especially since these fish snatch your bait and tear it up like nothing.

To make it more fun I recommend using a very light set up like I used in this video.

Not only is this a very good method to catch fish for fun, if you don’t have a cast net on you, you could use this method to catch very nice bait for bigger fish, such as snook, tarpon, largemouth bass, and peacock bass. I caught many nice sized baits in this video that I typically would use for bait.

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