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Late Fall Topwater & Jig Bass Fishing

July 14, 2019 72 No Comments


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Finally! This past Tuesday I managed to squeeze in a few fishing after class and while I didn’t catch a hundred giants I was still super satisfied to pin down a decent pattern. Hope you guys enjoy this short episode and I hope you learned a few things about fishing this time of year!


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Swimjig Setup:
Lure: Lanier Jigs Swimjig 1/4oz
Color: Bluegill
Line: 15lb Sunline Assasin
Rod: 7’ Medium Heavy Casting Fast Action
Reel: Shimano Metanium MG DC 6.2:1

Topwater Setup:
Lure: BPS Tourney Popper
Color: Frog
Line: 12lb Stren Monofilament
Rod: 6’ 7” Medium Heavy Fast Action
Reel: Shimano Metanium MG DC7 7.0:1

Weather Conditions:
Precipitation: Light rain 1pm-2pm
Sky: Strong overcast
Air Temperature: 56-58oF
Wind: 0-2mph
Wind 2pm: 8-10mph
Time: 10am-3:30pm EST

Water Conditions:
Spot 1 Average Depth: 3ft-15ft
Spot 2 Average Depth: 1ft-4ft
Vegetation: Thick grass
Cover: Some medium rocks
Bottom content: gravel, sand, mud
Water Clarity: 2ft-4ft
Est. Water Temperature: 56oF

Pattern Notes:
-The only thing keeping the topwater bite on was the lack of wind
-The fish weren’t necessarily crushing topwater
-I saw a few bass on the main lake feeding on shad or baitfish
-They where definitely active, but still very particular

–Young Plug


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