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My Bath is the Fish Tank

September 16, 2019 209 No Comments


My fish tank has been moved to the bath after an anemone decided to commit suicide in my tank by climbing into the vortech wave pump. Anemone release toxins and create huge amounts of ammonia in such a small amount of water, only 200 litres so we had to rush to the store buy 200 litres of saltwater, cart it all back home, fill the bath and rescue the fish out of the tank, then the rest of the livestock. Luckily so far they all seem well. None of the shrimps, crabs or snails are showing any signs of demise either. Although i think some of my corals have been stung and may not make it.

I am now running an external filter in the bath with active carbon to soak up all the bad chemicals which will no doubt be seeping out of the live rock. I will add some polyfilter tommorow. In the mean-time the livestock have fresh nitrate free water, filters, powerheads and heat, so it should be all good.

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