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Building a SpongeBob Themed Aquarium (from scratch)

October 12, 2019 145 No Comments


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Apparently my goldfish now… See how I constructed this new aquarium for my two goldfish.

*edit (please read before commenting)

A lot of people seem worried that I didn’t acclimate the fish to the new water. Don’t worry the fish were acclimated off camera (I make fan art build videos, not fish videos, so I didn’t show that step sorry).

People keep saying they need a bigger tank, but they don’t until they get bigger. For their current size it is perfect and I will build them a bigger one when the time comes as I already have done once.

The tank has been filled up more.

I am now aware that the two smaller fish are actually hill stream loaches and not plecos, thanks to Proteus who first let me know. Apparently here in Ireland the pet shops lie to their customers and call them plecos, not loaches.

The Patrick house was made from clay for the main body and soft plastic brush bristles for the antenna painted gold and glued together. Then I covered the whole thing in 2 layers of aquarium safe silicone to make it water resistant.

The plants are Myriophyllum and Lilaeopsis. The substrates are aquatic soil (left) and natural river bed sand (right).

A lot of people have pointed out that you are not supposed to put goldfish in a planted aquarium as they will eat the plants. It’s been months now and the fish have not eaten the plants. I think this may only apply to very fragile or delicate plants which mine are not.

Finally to those saying who are saying I need to get a filter and/or bubbler. There is indeed a filter in there (right side of the tank after it is set up) and the plants provide extra oxygen to the water for the fish. I also do regular 20% water changes. I know the signs of when a fish is unhappy or not getting enough oxygen etc and these little guys are all good. Thanks for all the feedback.

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