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7 Finesse Baits To Catch Stubborn Winter Bass

November 8, 2019 94 No Comments


The Fall to Winter transition brings cold water and lethargic fish but savvy bass fishermen have no trouble getting bit under these conditions. Some of the biggest bass of the year can be caught in the Winter months along with surprising numbers of quality fish. During the cold water period Tim often turns to finesse fishing to find the consistent bite. He has a handful of proven techniques and he’s sharing them with us today.

Winter fishing doesn’t have to mean mundane fishing. There are a ton of techniques from jigs to swimbaits, flies to worms, that will consistently produce in cool to cold water. You’re not limited to one or two methods, though light tackle is a common thread amongst most of them. Today Tim gathered the gear for 7 of his favorite Winter techniques and he’s explaining them for us.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the baits and equipment Tim trusts to get through the Winter months. From late Fall all the way to the start of Spring, you can rely on each of these finesse techniques to produce. Try a few and find the method that produces best on your home lakes.

Finesse Football Jigs and Trailers…

-Dirty Jigs finesse football 3/8-5/8 oz:

(Super Matt Brown, Go To, Brown Craw)

-Keitech tungsten Football 1/2 oz:

(Brown Purple, Green Pumpkin Blue)

-Bass Patrol Round Rubber Football 1/2 oz:

(Brown/Green Pump, Brown/Orange, Brown/Purple)

-Yamamoto Double Tail 5″ Grub:

(Green Pumpkin, Cinnamon Purple)

Finesse Tubes and Heads…

-Dry Creek 3.5″ Tournament Tube:

(Crazy Eddie, Green Pumpkin, Old Ugly)

-Bite Me Flat Eye Tube Head 1/4 oz:

-Provider Tackle 90 Degree Tube Head 1/4 oz:

Neko Rigging Components…

-Yamamoto 5″ Senko:

(956- Watermelon Copper Orange Red, Natural Shad, Electric Shad, Green Pump Purp/Cop)

-Swagger Tungsten Pagoda Nail Weight:

-G7 Worm Protect Tubes:

-G7 Worm Tube Pliers:

-Owner mosquito light 1/0 Hook:

-Gamakatsu Stinger G finesse Size 1:

Ned Rig…

-Roboworm Ned Worm:

(Desert Craw, TW Black Blue Pumpkin)

-Swagger Tungsten Flanders Head 1/8 oz:

Finesse Swimbaits…

-Dirty Jigs Guppy Head 1/8 oz:

-Keitech Easy Shiner 3″:

(Electric Shad, Pro Blue Red Pearl, Tennessee Shad)

-Cool Baits Down Under 3/16 oz Underspin:

-Megabass Okashira head 1/16 oz:

-Megabass Spark Shad 3″:

(Albino, Purple Haze, Baby Bass)

-Megabass Dark Sleeper 2.4″:

(Donko, Shirauo, Wakasagi, Haze)

Dropshot Rig…

-Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm 4.95:

(Lickity Split, Morning Dawn, Purple Smoke)

-Roboworm Alive Shad:

(Hologram Shad, Morning Dawn, Neon Shad)

-Trokar Dropshot Hook size 1:

-Owner Mosquito Light Size 1:

-Swagger Tungsten Dropshot Weight 1/4 oz:


-Spro Phat Fly:

-Cumberland Pro Lures Float N Fly:

-Punisher Lures Float N Fly:

Tim’s All-Around Favorite Finesse Combo…

Rod- G Loomis Conquest 902S SJR:

Reel- Shimano Exsence 3000:

Line- Sunline XPlasma Asegai Braid:

Leader- Sunline Sniper 6 lb Fluorocarbon:

Budget-Friendly Finesse Combo…

Rod- Shimano SLX 7′ Med Light:

Reel- Shimano Nasci 2500:

Line- Sunline Sniper 6 lb Fluorocarbon:

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