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Buyer's Guide: Creature Baits, Big Worms, and Craws

December 1, 2019 120 No Comments


Do you have a favorite creature bait? Did it make the list? Today’s video is about finding new creatures and worms for the upcoming year. With all the amazing options on the market today, Matt and Tim compiled their absolute favorite baits to share with you. If you want to try something different this year, look no further than this awesome list of creatures, worms, stick baits, and craws!

With 100’s of brands making soft plastics and each brand offering at least a dozen different styles, how can you possibly know where to start? Each style of bait has a time and a place. We love the subtle baits in cold water, the aggressive flapping baits in warm water, and a compact profile in heavy cover. Its hard to beat a big worm dragged deep in Summer or a slow falling stick bait for shallow Spring bass. The good news is we’ve already done the hard work!

We’ve spent the last several decades trying 1000’s of different baits from 100’s of brands and we’ve found a handful of favorites that really stand out from the crowd. Today we’re showing you the stand outs in no particular order. If you see something you might want to try, you’ll find a link below that goes straight to that product on Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions. The baits are listed in the same order they appeared in the video to make it simple for you and we’ve included a handful of color recommendations for each one as well.

The baits…

-Keitech Crazy Flapper:

Colors- Double Trouble, Green Pumpkin Fire

-NetBait T-Mac Worm 6.5″:

Colors- Bama Bug, Junebug, Kentucky Special

-Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler:

Colors- Green Pumpkin, Junebug

-Reaction Innovations Man Bear Pig:

Colors- Hematoma, Tramp Stamp, Magic Craw Swirl

-Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver:

Colors- Delicious, Green Pumpkin Red, Magic Craw Swirl

-Big Bite Baits Wacky Stick:

Colors- Green Pumpkin, Tilapia, Watermelon Red

-Jackall Archelon:

Colors- School Bluegill, Green Pumpkin, Black Blue Silver

-Strike King Fat Baby Finesse:

Colors- Desert Craw, Magic, TW Green Pumpkin

-Zoom Baby Brush Hog:

Colors- Castaic Choice, Green Pumpkin Blue, Watermelon Red

-Zoom Ol’ Monster:

Colors- Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Red Bug

-Big Bite Flying Squirrel:

Colors- Green Pumpkin, Tilapia, Watermelon Red

– Strike King Bull Worm 8″:

Colors- Black Blue, TW Green Pumpkin, Junebug

-Strike King Game Hawg:

Colors- Blue Craw, Candy Craw, TW Green Pumpkin

-Yamamoto 5″ Senko:

Colors- Baby Bass, Natural Shad, Green Pumpkin Black Flake

-Big Bite Baits Battle Bug:

Colors- Green Pumpkin, Ozark Craw, Tilapia

Favorite Terminal Tackle For These Baits…

Wide Gap hook- Gamakatsu EWG Superline:

Tungsten- Swagger Vader Paintless Weights:

Peg- 6th Sense Peg X:

Creature web.jpg

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