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$20 (USD) CHALLENGE!!! – Freshwater Fishing in the Caribbean – Trinidad & Tobago

January 13, 2020 117 No Comments


$20 (USD) CHALLENGE!!! – Freshwater Fishing in the Caribbean – Trinidad & Tobago

I have seen soo many fishing challenges on YouTube over the last few months and I really enjoy them, so tried to do my own…

Now we don’t have any stores like Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Walmarts, Dick’s, etc etc…So doing this challenge is even more of a challenge! However, a couple weeks ago, Mankee’s had their annual SALE and I managed to find an entire combo – rod, reel, line, hooks, bobbers, split shots and even some artificial worms – for TT$130.00 which equates to just less than USD20.00 (Exchange Rate is USD1.00 = TT$6.80).

So I went to the river and attempted to catch some fish using only what I got in the combo…It was a challenge at first, but eventually a little man vs wild skills came into play and finally got into some fish!

I enjoyed doing the video and I hope you enjoyed watching…There is also a continuation which I will post at a later date…Also, I think I can do a TT$20.00 challenge and catch some fish! Stay tuned!

Thanks for watching! Fish On!

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