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Funny Fishing | 15+ Kids Catching Country Fish From Small Canal | Fish Trap By Funny Kids

February 9, 2020 209 No Comments


This video you need to watch to be entertained by some village kids who want to catch country fish from a small canal.

This video will surely make you happy. We have a small canal & after about to finish water in winter season there was some country fish. And we have also give some extra fish there. So that kids get himself happy to catch those fish there.

Then for some time we make the canal free to catch fish for kids only. About 12 kids come and catch all fish available. They really love & enjoy catching all the fishes.

Even in the canal bank area older men & women enjoy lot with the kids and they showed the kids where fish located. This is really most funnest way of catching fish from low water ponds or canal.

Every children here got about 1 KG fish. Hope you enjoy the video. If this video make you happy & pleasant then please like share & subscribe. Thanks.