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Power Pole | Expanding The Use Of Power Pole

March 23, 2020 17 No Comments



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So traditionally we use Power Poles on our Skiffs and our Bay boats. It’s been just a game-changer for us to be able to use these on boats and stop on a dime. We can be pursuing a fish, hit a button and instantly and quietly stop so we can cast that fish instead of having to drop a bulky anchor. We can just push that Power-Pole down and shallow water and stop the boat.

The next evolution here for us has been putting these Power Poles on these bigger boats. So we just got a new 26-foot boat. The 26 Yellowfin hybrid and this boat is really awesome because we’re able to take it offshore and run around for Dolphin and Tunas and things like that, offshore fish on the reef and stuff. But we also put a trolling motor and Power Pole on it so we can maneuver this boat in the shallow water. So here we are; we can take the same offshore boat and confidently run through the Everglades maneuver around the mangrove islands, and with that Power-Pole on it, stop it silently and quietly on a dime so that we can fish it effectively for the redfish snook and other inshore species.

This is a real game-changer and I would recommend putting the Power-Pole, not just on a flat, skiff or Bay boat, but think about putting on your offshore boat, your center console. It’s going to give you the versatility to be able to stop that boat styling quietly and shallow water without having to drop an anchor.

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