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Daiwa | Braided Line Choices 4-Carrier vs. 8-Carrier

March 24, 2020 22 No Comments



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So over the years, we’ve used the braided line for really everything that we do now. Both inshore offshore I’ve gone a hundred percent braided line. If I need extra stretch or something like that or clearer line I can just put a long Top Shot on my braids.

So the braided line is really just gotten better and better over the years and there are a couple of different types of braided line, in general, there are 4-Carrier lines and 8-Carrier lines. You might have heard that terminology throwing around a lot, but what that really means is they are weaved together and that’s the four carriers for weaves going together in a carries eight weaves going together and what that means for us is fisherman is there is a difference in performance. The 4-Carrier line, which we’ve used for years as kind of like the first stuff that came out and it’s really really great quality.

I find that the four carriers a little more abrasion resistant and a little thicker than the eight carrier lines and it works really good. I actually like that for certain applications not quite as long casting but it is certainly durable casting around the mangroves. I like it out for bottom fishing, things like that. And really on the bigger rods, I like this a lot for the reason like if I’m using you know an 80 size reel for big sharks or offshore something like that. I like this 4-Carrier line because it doesn’t show any spin. If you reel against the drag it doesn’t flatten out.

So I do like that for my bigger rods, but the 8-Carrier is has a lot of advantages too. The 8-Carrier lines are smoother. It’s usually a little thinner, smoother touch doesn’t make noise going through the rod tip. So a lot of guys like it because of that, it’s a thinner cast further, but it’s the downsides to it over the years. It hasn’t been quite as abrasion-resistant. Meaning if it gets around a mangrove or something like that it might break a little quicker or get stuck on the bottom. So that’s kind of the downside little further casting little thinner little quieter but not quite as abrasion-resistant.

Well, that’s the way it was until this new product came out. Daiwa came out with this new J-Braid 8-Carrier Grand. It’s a new technology that is allowing the 8-Carrier to have all of the advantages of the 8-Carrier line but it has the same abrasion-resistance or better than the 4-Carrier line. So really you are getting the best of both worlds there. You are getting the thin diameter, the long casting and it is more abrasion-resistant than the 4-Carrier. Make your line decision on what you need the most, do you need abrasion-resistance around the mangroves or do you need the smooth casting of the 8-Carrier? Or you can make the decision to go with the Daiwa 8-Grand and get the best of both worlds.

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