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Shimano | New Technology In Rods

March 24, 2020 87 No Comments


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The technology today is just as fast as it can go, right? Lighter, faster, stronger… Well, Shimano has figured that out. They’ve identified two major problems with the old technology and fishing rods. One of them is Twist, right? So you make a cast you don’t realize it, but the blank is twisting. Every rod you got in your closet is twisting, you can tell me it doesn’t, but it does and it affects your accuracy and your distance. Well, Shimano has identified that problem and fixed it.

The other thing they’ve identified is ovalization, right? So with every rod you own, when you hook up with a big fish, you make the cast and hook the fish, the rod is round, its a round cylinder. Think of a straw, and as you bend that straw it starts to ovalize to the point that it fails and the rod breaks. Well, Shimano has figured out a way to not have that happen. And what that is is the way that we use our carbon.

It is cutting-edge technology. We have access to the very best carbon right here at Shimano, and not a lot of people do and what we use is a spiral X and a high power X that is the way in which we wrap the carbon on the rod. This is why we choose Shimano because their technology is always at the top. They’re always in the developing stages leading the forefront and the badest stuff out there. Check them out; the new TEREZ by Shimano.

Into The Shop brought to you by West Marine

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