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Simrad | Chirp Technology Advantage

March 25, 2020 76 No Comments


Into The Shop – Simrad brought to you by West Marine.

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We’re down to Key West we’re going to go fishing this week. And Steve is going to put me on some of his favorite wrecks. And when we’re on the wrecks (back in the day) we would mark them with a big meatball on top of it and we wouldn’t know what we’re looking at. We would figure it was bait and we’d be happy knowing that something was there.

But now with the new Simrad on your boats loaded with the new Chirp Technology, everything is different. What’s chirp? Chirp is just another way of separating targets that are mixed close together. So instead traditionally pulling out there and marking a bunch of fish and going, “wow, there’s fish here.” Now, we can decipher bait from the predators. If we’re looking for a Big King or a Sail on a wreck, you can instantly get on top of this wreck, do your grid and say, “here’s the bait here and look there are three big boomerangs.” What are they going to be? Ther’re going to be predators. They are going to be Barracuda, Kingfish, Wahoo, Sails…

So the Chirp Technology, with a few little adjustments on your gain, pulls the actual targets out as boomerangs, and now we know when we come I’m a wreck whether it’s just a school of sardines or a school sardines with a pack of Sails, Wahoo, and any predator. Whenever you can isolate out the predators from the bait and the wreck itself, you’re actually going to be able to pick these three things apart instead of just one big blob. It’s always something that helps you progress whether you decide to throw the anchor or just going to move on to the next spot. It just enables us to go with confidence.

Into The Shop brought to you by West Marine

See you on the water,

Scott Walker

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