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YETI | Raises The Bar

March 25, 2020 85 No Comments


Into The Shop – YETI brought to you by West Marine.

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So YETI had come out with a Hopper a few years back. It was a very popular item of a soft cooler. It didn’t leak, it was great for everything whether you were just fishing, ballparks, kids picnicking, really just a cool item. Well, honestly the zipper was a little bit tough, but like YETI does they are always raising the bar.

They’ve come out now with the M30 and it has a couple of straps that you just unbuckle and here you go you’re in it. It’s simple as it gets its magnetic, it’s very easy to open. Close it up, fold it over, make the two buckles, throw it in the truck. Throw it in the back of the minivan with your kid’s snacks. It’s not going to leak. Check it out at West Marine.

Into The Shop brought to you by West Marine.

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Steve Rodger

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