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Conservation – Marking Birds With Radar – World Records – Memorial Day – New Content This Week – 5/15/2

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John Wooden has a famous quote: “Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do”.   Wise words that have served many well. We discuss how this quote may apply to the quarantine that we are all experiencing.  Additionally, we completed the Wim Hof Quarantine Challenge and are on day 41 of the 100-day Burpee Challenge.  How’s it going? Read the full article HERE.


Scott Walker gives a step by step instruction to mark birds on the Simrad Halo Radar.  He explains the Harbor, Offshore, Bird, Weather Modes as well as how to do split screens.  He explains how he sets his screen up to use the offset mode to look ahead and how he sets the distance so that he can find birds, boats, weather, or boats.  The new Simrad Halo radar has preset modes that make it easy to switch between them or you can save your own settings if you prefer.  Revolutionary! Read the full article HERE and the video HERE.


Capt Lou Tirado and Capt Mike Faulkingham are guides in Maine.  They have a podcast called Hooked In New England and specialize in chasing, catching, and conserving the Gamefish of New England.  It was a pleasure to have them on the show to discuss conservation and the future of the Striped bass. Click on the image below to hear me as a guest on the Hooked In New England Podcast. Go and follow their social media pages @hooked_in_new_england and @fishportlandmaine on Instagram. Read more HERE.


Gena Laielli holds the Guinness Book of World Records Most Burpees in 12 Hours. She completed 5332 Burpees to beat the previous record and take the official title. That is cool, but what is really cool is why she did it. Her daughter had omphalocele, a rare condition, and the Record was to bring awareness to this condition to provide hope for other parents and children with the condition. Follow Gena @genfit_ness on Instagram. Read the full article HERE.


Memorial Day is an opportunity to pay our respects to those who have served and sacrificed.  Many choose to do a tough workout on this day and the most iconic is the Murph Workout which honors Lt Michael Murphy.  The Murph Workout is: Run 1 mile, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, Run 1 mile.  To do it as prescribed, wear a 20 lb vest.  As we approach Memorial Day, I wanted to visit this workout and offer some suggestions to scale down for those who are not ready for this volume or scale up for those who want a real challenge.  We also go over the reason that Lt Michael Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor as well as the story of Operation Redwing. Read the full article HERE.

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