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Simrad | New Halo Radar

May 22, 2020 125 No Comments



Into The Shop – Simrad brought to you by West Marine.

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Back in the day when we started using the radars to navigate inlets and find fish. We had to get to the boat early to turn the radar on and then wait. Yeah, and then once it warmed up, then you had to actually pick a target in the marina and set the gain on it set to sea state for the day and then going off that one marker you knew that you were dialed in for the day and you do every day.

Now it’s just a matter with the new Halo system from Simrad of turning it on, and you’re already warmed up. Then it’s a matter of hitting harbor, offshore, birds… You’re pre-tuned in. Long gone are the days where you have to actually have a little bit of your day just dialing your radar before you even get to the inlet.

Now with the ease of the new Simrad Halo of it’s just makes our job bulletproof. In fact, we will obviously in is that I’m running both at the same time, right? I’m running in close and out far on the same screen power on power off.

There’s no wait, you know for the thing to load up a lot of the gains and things are self-tuning. So when it comes to radar it is getting so simple. So if you don’t have great are Simrad makes it very easy, and now with the new Halo it’s even easier at the end of the day, you know that you’re going to get your family and friends home safely. It just enables us to go with confidence.

Into The Shop brought to you by West Marine

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Steve Rodger & Scott Walker

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