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Scales | New First Mate Board Shorts

May 23, 2020 259 No Comments


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The scales first mate board shorts are another tool in my arsenal with four-way stretch and a padded shammy waistband. I know that when I’m hooked up, I have an easy spot to rest my rod-butt. I’m not going to hurt and I’m not gonna have to reach for a rod belt.

I’m just going to stick my rod-butt right on my waistband and get to fishing if I need to cut a fish off or do anything if my pliers they’re right here. This plier pocket is right on your right hip ready to go at all times. 600 denier spun polyester guaranteed snag-free entry and exit on pliers in and out all day long.

They’re always right where I need them. These oversized pockets are mesh-lined and quick-dry and the hold any terminal tackle. I might need it during the course of a day right where I need it. They’re super light the four-way stretch and they move with me scales first mate board shorts, they’re built to slay.

Into The Shop brought to you by West Marine

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Steve Rodger

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