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Shimano | Cold Forged Gears

May 23, 2020 31 No Comments


Cold Forged Reels

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What we’re trying to do here is Shimano is we’re trying to have an eternally smooth reeling system and we can do that through the fact that we are the only ones who can do cold forage gears. Shimano’s goal is to have eternally smooth reeling and how do we get there? Well we get there through Hagane and what Hagane is is when we take a single piece of aluminum and we cold forage that into a gear that is just absolutely perfect.

I don’t want to get too techie because I’m not a techie guy, but cold forage is when they take a piece of raw aluminum and they stamp it down into the shape of the gear they need. What that does is the precision is perfect. We’ve looked at these under microscopes and the gears and the teeth come together. It’s amazing how perfect they are. You can have a di-cast where you melt the product and you pour it in a mold.

You can machine something where you take a drill and you tear up this piece of metal to make a gear. None of those things give you what a cold forage gear will give you which is just this perfect. Precision stamp age where they come together and everything is smooth.

The second thing that affects a real is the body right? Because the body houses all the gears and if that thing has any kind of torque or flex it’s going to get those gears misaligned and they’re going to fail. So this body that Hagane body is all metal, super rigid, super strong to handle the most power that you can’t believe that these reels are putting on fish nowadays, you know some of these drag pressures up to 40 pounds, you know, and even higher and Hagane can withstand anything were throwing at it.

It has an impact resistance whether you drop it whether it hits the gun or whether you’re riding through 20-mile-per-hour winds and seven-foot seas with the Hagane system. You’re going to get exactly what’s advertised eternally smooth reeling and for us what that means is these reels on last day in and day out and you’re going to put a lot of fish in the boat.

Into The Shop brought to you by West Marine

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