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How To Fish Swing Head Jigs For Summer Bass (Watts Bar Lake)

June 15, 2020 67 No Comments


Swing Heads paired with creature baits and swimbaits are one of the most effective baits for BIG Summer bass. Today is Matt’s first time on Watts Bar Lake and he’s armed himself with swing heads in search of bass. Come along as he explores the lake, teaches the fine details of fishing swing heads for Smallmouth, Largemouth, and a surprising mix of other species in today’s video. 

The swing head gained a ton of popularity a few years ago when Tommy Biffle saw tournament success with the Biffle Head. In recent years the hype has died back and many anglers have forgotten this technique. While effective year round, our favorite time to throw it is post spawn into Summer. There is just something about it that draws a consistently larger bite than other baits. Its great for covering water, locating fish, and catching those key kicker fish that we’re all searching for. 

While it can be done with a variety of creature or swimbait trailers, all of our favorite options are hard kicking creatures. The two that really stand out are the Keitech Crazy Flapper and the Zoom Z Craw. Both baits have a great profile and a ton of action on the back of the swinging jig head. Below is a breakdown of all the baits and equipment Matt used in today’s video. The links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. 

The Heads… 

-Dirty Jigs Pivot Point Football:

(1/2 oz 4/0 Hook and 3/4 oz 5/0 Hook)

-Swagger Tungsten Football Swing:

(3/8 and 1/2 oz with 3/0 Hook)

Today’s Baits… 

-Keitech Crazy Flapper 4.4:

(Green Pumpkin Watermelon, Double Trouble, Electric Junebug)

-Zoom Z Craw Standard:

(Green Pumpkin, JuneBug, Tilapia)

Other Great Trailers… 

-Strike King Rage Bug:

-NetBait Paca Craw:

-Keitech 4.3″ Fat Swing Impact:

-Xzone Swammer Swimbait:

Matt’s Combo… 

Rod- Shimano Zodias 7’5″ Heavy:

Reel- Shimano Curado 150 DC HG:

Braid- Power Pro Maxcuatro 50 lb:

Leader- Maxima Ultragreen 15 lb Mono:

Favorite Combo For Tungsten Swing Heads… 

Rod- Megabass Orochi XX Extreme Mission Type F 7’5″:

Reel- Shimano Curado 150 DC HG:

Line- Sunline Assassin 15 lb Fluorocarbon: 

Budget Combo For Swing Heads… 

Rod- St. Croix Bass X 7’4″ Heavy:

Reel- Shimano SLX DC 150 HG:

Line- Sunline Assassin 15 lb Fluorocarbon:

NEW Tactical Bassin Apparel… 

TacticalBassin Reaper Hoodie:

TacticalBassin Shadow Hoodie:

TacticalBassin Sun Shirt:

TacticalBassin Hooded Sun Shirt:

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