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How To CATCH FISH In CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER! (Finesse and Reaction Baits)

July 3, 2020 94 No Comments


If you’ve ever seen fish in clear water but couldn’t get them to bite, this video is for you! Come along for a day of fishing in some of clearest freshwater on earth! We can see bottom in 35+ feet but with some tricks, we’re able to catch plenty of fish. We catch a bunch of really nice fish including some GIANT smallmouth bass on a variety of lures!

Clear water can be so frustrating! You’re looking at the fish, they’re looking back at you, and no one is falling for it. If you know how to adapt your equipment and which baits to focus on, this can also be one of the most rewarding types of fishing. While its incredibly frustrating to look at a fish that won’t bite, its absolutely incredible to watch fish attack your lures! Don’t be afraid of clear water. The guys show you exactly what it takes to get consistent bites and BIG bites in clear water. 

Below are a breakdown of the baits and equipment the guys used in today’s video, as well as some budget offerings that are perfect for clear water. We’ve included color and size recommendations for the baits and terminal tackle as well to help you succeed. The links go directly to tackle warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. 


Bait- Zoom Super Fluke (Tennessee Shad):

Hook- Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap (Size 1):

Spring- Owner CPS Spring Medium:


Bait- Yamamoto Senko 5″ (Natural Shad, Electric Shad):

Hook- Owner Wacky Hook 1/0:

Finesse Swimbaits… 

-Megabass Dark Sleeper 3″ 1/2 oz (Wakasagi):

-Megabass Spark Shad 3″ (Purple Haze):

-Okashira Screw Head 1/8 oz:

-Keitech 3.8 Fat Swing Impact (Smallmouth Magic):

-TacticalBassin Finesse Swimbait Head (1/2 oz):

-Keitech 2.8″ Fat Swing Impact (TW Ghost Shad):

-Dirty Jigs Guppy Head 1/8 oz 1/0 Hook:

Matt’s Ultra High-End Spinning Combo… 

Rod- G Loomis Conquest 902S Spinning:

Reel- Shimano Stella FJ 2500:

Line- Sunline XPlasma Asegai Braid 8 lb:

Leader- Sunline Sniper 6 lb Fluorocarbon:

Incredible “Bang For The Buck” Finesse Spinning Combo…

Rod- Shimano Expride 6’10” Medium Light:

Reel- Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500:

Line- Power Pro Spectra Braid 10 lb:

Leader- Sunline Sniper 6 lb Fluorocarbon:

Budget-Friendly Finesse Swimbait Combo… 

Rod- Shimano SLX 6’10” Medium Heavy:

Reel- Shimano SLX 150 DC HG:

Line- Sunline Assassin 12 lb Fluorocarbon:

NEW Tactical Bassin Apparel… 

TacticalBassin Reaper Hoodie:

TacticalBassin Shadow Hoodie:

TacticalBassin Sun Shirt:

TacticalBassin Hooded Sun Shirt:

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