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Best Hooks For Bass Fishing: Senko, Worms, Crankbaits, Topwater, Swimbait!

August 3, 2020 63 No Comments


So many hooks, so little time! Its taken us years (and hundreds of packs of hooks) to develop this short list of the best hooks for different situations. Whether you want to wacky rig a senko, punch a creature, or throw a deep diving crankbait, we’ve compiled this list for you! Not only do we cover hook styles, we also cover wire sizes, strength, etc… to perfectly match your fishing conditions. 

Tim starts off with reaction baits and wraps it up with soft plastics. The reason for this is most anglers lose fish on treble hook baits. Crankbaits and topwater are the primary heartbreakers in bass fishing. You think you’ve got that fish hooked well but when the head shakes start, you lose. Almost all of these losses can be avoided if you truly understand treble hooks. When to switch between styles, when to switch to heavier gauge wire, etc. 

Today’s video is a lot for you to digest as an angler. We know Tim breezed through a ton of hooks in a short time but its the only way to cover all the information. Below is a detailed breakdown of the hooks in order of appearance in the video. If you click the links (they go direct to Tackle Warehouse) you will see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. This truly is a challenging year with store shelves around the country completely empty and mixed information on future shipments. We hope this video gives you the information you need to be successful throughout the Summer and Fall. 

Treble Hooks… 

Round Bend- Owner ST-36 (1X Strength):

Curved Point Bend- Gamakatsu EWG (1X Strength):

Cranking Hook- Owner ST-35 (2X Strength):

Stronger Hook- Owner ST-56 (3X Strength):

Feathered Treble- Owner ST-36 Dressed Hook (1X Strength):

Split Rings… 

Finesse- Hyperwire Black (Size 2-4):

Heavy Duty- Hyperwire Silver (Sizes 4-5):

Strongest Ever- Owner Ultra Splits (Sizes 5-9):

**Big Swimbait Fishermen: You are missing it if you’re not using Ultra Split Rings. They’re bomb proof and will hold up to giant striper, saltwater fish, mega largemouth, etc**

Swimbait Hooks… 

-Owner Beast Hook:

-Tactical Finesse Swimbait Head:

-Matt Allen Swimbait Head:

-Dirty Jigs Guppy Head:

-Owner Flashy Swimmer:

Senko Hooks… 

Senko Wacky- Owner Sniper Finesse:

Senko Wacky- Gamakatsu G Finesse Stinger:

Senko Texas Rig- Gamakatsu 5/0 G-Finesse Hybrid Worm:

Senko Heavy Duty- Owner Jungle Worm Hook:

Dropshot Hooks… 

Matt’s Favorite- Trokar Dropshot Hook:

Gamakatsu Aaron Martens Dropshot Hook:

Tim’s Favorite- Owner Mosquito Light Hook:

Flipping and Punching… 

-Owner Jungle Flipping Hook:

-Trokar Flipping Hook:

NEW Tactical Bassin Apparel… 

-TacticalBassin Reaper Hoodie:

-TacticalBassin Shadow Hoodie:

-TacticalBassin Sun Shirt:

-TacticalBassin Hooded Sun Shirt:

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