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How To Catch Bass In Cold Water Without Slowing Down!

January 8, 2021 46 No Comments


Winter fishing doesn’t have to be boring! So many anglers have fallen into the trap of slow, methodical fishing in the Winter. Did you know you can trigger a feed response by speeding up? Its true! Matt explains the keys to getting consistent bites in the coldest Winter temperatures without ever slowing down. 

The key to consistent Winter bites with reaction baits is understanding what it takes to “trigger” a feed response. Its also key to understand all baits are not created equal. Cold water separates the perfectly balanced, perfectly tuned baits, from the endless stream of new tackle hitting the market every year. If you want to be consistent in Winter, fish the right baits with proper technique and its only a matter of time before you start catching quality fish. 

There are 3 very different approaches to Winter. You can swimbait for a giant, finesse fish for consistent action, or power fish with bite triggering retrieves to try and find the best of both worlds. Whichever path you choose, Winter fishing is worse the effort. Its incredibly peaceful, there is minimal boat traffic, and the odds of catching a big bass are very high. 

Below you’ll find links to the 5 styles of baits we use to trigger a feed response. We’ve included our favorite baits, favorite colors, and hardware upgrades where relevant. We’ve also included our favorite equipment for some of these techniques. All of the links go directly Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. 

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Main Crankbaits… 

Our Deep Diver- R2S Tactical DD 75:

Colors: Ghost Minnow, DD Minnow, Mirrored Minnow

Shallow Diver- Rapala Ott’s Garage Slim 06:

Colors: Live River Shad, Green Gizzard Shad, Rootbeer Craw

Other Phenomenal Winter Cranks… 

Shallower Cover- Spro Rock Crawler:

Colors: Phantom Green, Green Craw

Mid Depth- Megabass Deep X 300:

Colors: PM Kisyu Ayu, MB Gizzard, Sexy Ayu

Deep Diving- Megabass Deep Six:

Colors: PM Kisyu Ayu, MB Gizzard, Ito Wakasagi

Alabama Rigs… 

-HogFarmer BFL FLEX Rig:

-G Funk Baits Cali Rig:

A-Rig components… 

Heads- Matt Allen Swimbait Heads (1/8 oz):

Baits- Keitech 4.3″ or 4.8″ Fat Swing Impact:

Split Rings- Owner Hyperwire #4:


Megabass Vision 110:

Megabass Vision 110+1:

Megabass Vision 110 Jr:

Megabass Vision 110 Jr +1:

Colors: GP Pro Blue, Elegy Bone, Ito Tennessee Shad, Mat Shad

Lipless Crankbaits… 

-Lucky Craft LV-500:

Colors: Ghost Minnow, American Shad, Chartreuse Shad
-Jackall TN-70:

Colors: Ghost Minnow, RT Scale Minnow, SG Threadfin

Blade Baits… 

-Damiki Vault 1/2 oz:

Colors: Black Holo, Cyber Purple, Real Shad

-Megabass Vibration X Dyna Response 1/2 oz:

Colors: Ito Hiuo, Jukucho Shad, Setsuki Ayu

Blade Bait Component Upgrades… 

Line Tie: Owner Hyperwire #3 Split Ring:

Hook Rings: Owner Hyperwire #2 Split Rings:

Hooks: Owner ST-36 Size 6:

Matt’s A-Rig Combo… 

Rod- Shimano Zodias 7’5″ Heavy:

Reel- Shimano Curado 200K (HG):

Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 65 lb Braid:

Leader- Sunline FC-100 System Leader 20 lb:

Budget Jerkbait/Blade Bait Combo… 

Rod- St. Croix Bass X 6’8″ Medium XFast:

Reel- Shimano SLX:

Line- Sunline Assassin 12 lb Fluorocarbon:

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We have a variety of apparel items and custom lure designs available! Everything from hats, to hoodies, to crankbaits! Its all available direct through Tackle Warehouse with fast shipping. See it here… 

TacticalBassin Apparel and Designs:

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