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Blade Bait Tricks You Need To Try This Fall and Winter!

Most anglers have no idea how to fish a blade bait effectively. They might know that its traditionally considered a cold water lure but they have no idea it can be fished shallow around grass, worked aggressively, and even substituted for a lipless crankbait.

publish October 28, 2020 6
TWO BIG MUSKY from the Kayak! Southern Musky Fishing!

Today we’re fishing a small river for BIG musky! Muskie live in many of the lakes and streams in Eastern Tennessee and are far less pressured than their Northern cousins. They’ve been on Matt’s radar since his first trip to the region and today he’s on

publish October 26, 2020 16
Top 5 Rod and Reel Combos For Bass Fishing!

Which fishing rod should you get first? Which rods give you the best “bang for the buck?” Are there rods that can do it all? Should I use a spinning reel or a baitcaster? These are questions we get constantly so today we’re showing you the to

publish October 23, 2020 22
Fishing With Spoons: Everything You Need To Know For Fall and Winter

Spoons are one of the most universal lures in fishing but are often overlooked. Today we’re taking an in-depth look at jigging spoons. We start with a look inside Matt’s spoon box to see exactly what he’s using, then we cover how to modify th

publish October 21, 2020 30
Underspin Tricks You've Never Tried That Catch More Bass!

Underspins are a great way to catch bass in the Fall. They add flash and vibration to your favorite swimbait and help it stand out amongst a crowd of baitfish. Whether you’re throwing a big swimbait in search of a giant bass or a tiny finesse swimbait ju

publish October 19, 2020 41
Jig Fishing Tricks For Fall and Winter Bass Fishing!

Catching bass with jigs is really easy! You can do it, and we’re going to help! A few jigs, a few trailers, and you’re ready to adapt to anything Fall bass fishing brings your way. Pay close attention to how we adapt the jigs to changing conditions

publish October 16, 2020 36
Fluke Fishing Tricks (Double Fluke Rig) – Catch 2 Bass At Once!!

These fish are smashing the Double Fluke Rig! Matt is on the water chasing a fluke bite (soft jerkbait) and the fish are chewing the double fluke AKA Donkey Rig. If you’ve never thrown a double fluke, its a great option for schooling bass. Matt catches a

publish October 14, 2020 36
5 Finesse Tactics For Fall Bass Fishing

When the Fall Transition gets tough, turning to finesse will save the day. It might even get that big kicker bass you’ve been looking for! Tim is an expert with finesse tactics and today he’s discussing the 5 rigs he turns to when the reaction bite

publish October 12, 2020 43
Swimbait Fishing For Bass | Full Seminar | Best Baits, Gear, and Tricks

20 years of swimbait knowledge in one video! How to fish swimbaits, which swimbaits work best, when to crawl a softbait, when to twitch a glide bait, and a whole lot more! Matt shows his favorite baits, gives rigging tricks, shows cadences and retrieves, and g

publish October 9, 2020 51
Fall Fishing On Chickamauga: Topwater, Fluke, and Crankbaits

The guys are back on Chickamauga, exploring new water, and catching fish. Come along for a Fall day of junk Fishing as they catch them on everything from deep cranks to topwater to tail spinners and soft jerkbaits. When its “one of those days” you

publish October 7, 2020 61
Catch Fish Every Time! How To Speed Crank For Bass Right Now!

This is THE BEST technique to consistently catch fish in the Fall and Winter. Over the past few years we’ve dialed in our crankbait fishing and developed a style we call “speed cranking”. It requires specialized baits (We even designed our ow

publish October 5, 2020 64
Where Do Bass Go In Fall? (And How To Catch Them!)

Don’t worry, we can help! As the nights get cooler and your water temperatures begin to drop, you might notice the fish you’ve been catching are beginning to disappear. At first the cooler nights help, the fish become more active and start feeding

publish October 2, 2020 65

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