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Underwater Spinner Bait with Tips – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

These are some old school bass fishing lures that still work really well. There are a few different ways you can work these baits that you may not even know about. These baits will catch some giant bass and they usually work the best for me when they are slow

publish June 18, 2019 3
publish June 18, 2019 3
Raymarine- DragonFly Balık Bulucu ve Sonarlar : Efes Marine


publish June 18, 2019 3
ASFN Fishing News Flash – Edibles & Non Edibles alike, a great catching week!

Fishing at its best covering various facets of Saltwater and Freshwater. source

publish June 18, 2019 3
Top Viral Video Fishing-Beautiful Girl How to give the fish food in the pond-Traditional Fishing

Top Viral Video Fishing Beautiful Girl How to give the fish food in the pond Traditional Fishing SUBSCRIBE THIS CHANNEL: PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO: ====================================================== Mo

publish June 18, 2019 5
Women Fishing For Man

Hilarious Russian video: two women are fishing for… man! Very frustrated after measuring what must be measured. In fishing, size matters. source

publish June 18, 2019 3
Chasing Salty Dreams teaser

Our maiden voyage. The filmers first ever fishing trip. And our first attempt to make a film. We set off from Sydney and trek north to conquer the east coast of Australia. With sites set on tropical north Queensland. With a few unsuccessful stops, we finally r

publish June 18, 2019 3
Where Do Bass Go In Summer? (And How To Catch Them)

Summer bass fishing is really fun once you know where to look! You can catch fish all day long, even in the heat of the day. Summer gets a bad wrap amongst fishermen because they don’t understand bass movements and feeding patterns. Once you get ahead of

publish June 17, 2019 7
Spinnerbait Tricks For Spring Bass Fishing

These quick tips will take your spinnerbait fishing to the next level! From color selection and blade style, to subtle changes in retrieve cadence, we’re giving you the tools you need to begin catching bass right away. Whether you’re fishing muddy

publish June 17, 2019 5
My First Tilapia Bikini BowFishing out in Osceola Florida

Bass & Bowfishing out in Osceola Florida With Byron & Kim Bowfished my First Tilapia ever. Enjoy ! ________________________________________ Subscribe to My channel for upcomi

publish June 17, 2019 8
SSTV 20-15 – Installing Marine Electronics in New Boat

John, the experts, and friends install a new package of marine electronics in the brand new SeaVee For more episodes visit: source

publish June 17, 2019 6
Top 10 Fishing Bait Saltwater [2018]: Free Fisher Assorted 22 Packs Freshwater/saltwater Fishing

Top 10 Fishing Bait Saltwater [2018]: Free Fisher Assorted 22 Packs Freshwater/saltwater Fishing–2018 For More great fishing bait saltwater Just Click this link Free Fisher Assorte

publish June 17, 2019 5

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