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Girl Fishing: Spring Jerkbait and Swimbait Fishing For Bass!

Tonya and CC are back on the lake for an awesome day of fishing! Come along with the girls on CC’s new bass boat! These two take their bass fishing very seriously, Tonya is throwing a jerkbait and CC is throwing an A-Rig loaded with Keitech swimbaits. Th

publish April 6, 2020 4
Spring Underspin Tricks For Bass With Bonus Slab Crappie Catches!

Do you know how to adapt your underspin to changing conditions? Underspins catch big bass but when you should you throw a large offering instead of a tiny finesse underspin? When is a keitech better than the others? Come along for a full day on Clearlake as we

publish April 3, 2020 28
DIY Boat Project: The First Upgrade I Make To Every Boat!

Today we’re doing a simple project that every fishing boat on the market should do. Boat Buckles are a retractable rod strap that hold your fishing rods in place when the boat is moving and conveniently store inside the gunwale when you stop.  Most

publish April 2, 2020 29
Spring Swimbait Bite Is On! Big Bass Attacking Glide Baits!

We found the bass! No light rods today, its all swimbaits and heavy tackle! We knew going in that we’d probably catch a bunch of fish on the big bait so instead of throwing our favorite glide bait (S-Waver 200) we decided to mix it up and find out what e

publish April 1, 2020 41
Tim Flips His Kayak In COLD Water!! Spring Bass Fishing FAIL!

Tim paddled out into Clearlake in search of big bass. He got more than he bargained for! He started out catching a few fish on a post-front afternoon with a light chop but it changed in a second when a boat wake caught him from behind. Thankfully he was wearin

publish March 31, 2020 38
Awesome Bank Fishing With 3 Tips To Catch More Bass While Pond Fishing

Tim got access to an awesome pond! He’s walking the shore with son JD and friend Caleb and they’re catching nice bass! Come along for really good fishing with a glide bait, small swimbait, senko, and more. Fishing from shore allows you to fish uniq

publish March 30, 2020 42
How Fish React To Different Jigs!!! Amazing Underwater Bite Footage!!

The strikes are violent! We headed underwater with a variety of jigs to see how different bass would react. Largemouth and Smallmouth both aggressively attack a jig with tenacity rarely seen with other lures. Depending on how you rig it, a jig can imitate a cr

publish March 27, 2020 49
Raw Fishing Footage on Clearlake! Giant Bass Caught!! Spring Bass Fishing!

Come along for a raw, unedited day on the water! The giants are moving up and the guys are ready to catch them! Its a cold, wet day but that won’t stop the guys from TacticalBassin from going fishing! If the Corona Virus has you trapped at home, we under

publish March 25, 2020 43
Simrad | Chirp Technology Advantage

Into The Shop – Simrad brought to you by West Marine. Check out the new Simrad Technology We’re down to Key West we’re going to go fishing this week. And Steve is going to put me on some of his favorite wrecks. And when we’re on the wre

publish March 25, 2020 33
Power Pro | The Maxcuatro Thinner Line

Into The Shop – Power Pro brought to you by West Marine. Check out Power Pro There’s a lot of fishing lines out there today, there are all types, all colors, all sizes. Well, we’ve been with Power Pro for a really long time. We’ve been

publish March 25, 2020 35
YETI | Raises The Bar

Into The Shop – YETI brought to you by West Marine. Check out YETI So YETI had come out with a Hopper a few years back. It was a very popular item of a soft cooler. It didn’t leak, it was great for everything whether you were just fishing, ballpark

publish March 25, 2020 32
Shimano | New Technology In Rods

Into The Shop – Shimano brought to you by West Marine. Check out Shimano Rods The technology today is just as fast as it can go, right? Lighter, faster, stronger… Well, Shimano has figured that out. They’ve identified two major problems with the

publish March 24, 2020 22

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