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Great Bait! I'm Hooked

Check out the action with us before it airs on television and watch our brand new episode streaming on Waypoint TV. S12:E10 – “Great Bait! I’m Hooked” (2020) Capt Scott Walker and Capt Steve Rodger break down the best-kept secret bait spots in the

publish June 2, 2020 9
Frog Fishing And Topwater On Lake Chickamauga – Big Bass Caught!

Come along on Lake Chickamauga as we explore a new lake and catch fish! Pay close attention as we refine a pattern and put it into action with no outside information. Chickamauga has almost 800 feet of shoreline but we’re able to build a pattern in minut

publish June 1, 2020 10
My Wife Bought A Boat! Full Tour of CC's New (Used) Boat – Complete DIY Restoration

Our wives love to fish! CC already had an older Ranger bass boat but she needed a larger platform. She upgraded to a used Champion 198 this Winter and has been working on DIY projects to dial it in all Spring. When she got the boat it was stripped, leaving roo

publish May 29, 2020 21
Senko and Topwater – Kayak Bass Fishing A Small Backwater Creek

Let’s go fishing! Tim is in a small creek with crystal clear water that dumps into a big murky water lake. He’s targeting post spawn bass with a Senko, popper, dropshot, and swimbait. The bass moved into this creek to spawn but now they’re fe

publish May 27, 2020 25
Ultimate Frog Review: 14 Frogs Compared! (Frog Fishing Tips For Summer Bass Fishing)

Which frog is the best? Let’s compare their action in the water and find out! Come along as we test swim and review 14 different frogs in search of the best walking frogs, popping frogs, and all around producers. If you like frog fishing, this video is g

publish May 25, 2020 27
Learn The Top 5 Knots Every Saltwater Fisherman Should Know

There are an unlimited number of knots associated with saltwater fishing. Many people become intimidated by the overall number of knots and the ones that look overly complicated. As a guide in the Florida Keys for over 20 years, I can tell you that it is nice

publish May 24, 2020 35
Scales | New First Mate Board Shorts

Into The Shop – Scales brought to you by West Marine. Check out Scales Gear The scales first mate board shorts are another tool in my arsenal with four-way stretch and a padded shammy waistband. I know that when I’m hooked up, I have an easy spot t

publish May 23, 2020 79
Shimano | Cold Forged Gears

Into The Shop – Shimano brought to you by West Marine. Check out Shimano Rods What we’re trying to do here is Shimano is we’re trying to have an eternally smooth reeling system and we can do that through the fact that we are the only ones who

publish May 23, 2020 30
Catch The BIGGEST BASS Of Your Life Right NOW – New PB!

Now is the time to catch a GIANT Bass! This period leading to the full moon in June is a critical time for anyone that fishes for bass. We all dream of catching a new personal best (PB), this is the time to do it! The big post-spawn bass stage in anticipation

publish May 23, 2020 28
Simrad | New Halo Radar

Into The Shop – Simrad brought to you by West Marine. Check out Simrad Back in the day when we started using the radars to navigate inlets and find fish. We had to get to the boat early to turn the radar on and then wait. Yeah, and then once it warmed up

publish May 22, 2020 23
Sails And Cudas

Check out the action with us before it airs on television and watch our brand new episode streaming on Waypoint TV. S12:E7 – “Sails And Cudas” (2020) Sailfish is what they are after, but Capt Scott and Capt Steve run across some aggressive Barracudas

publish May 22, 2020 23
Nikon | Our Edge On The Water

Into The Shop – Nikon brought to you by West Marine. Check out Nikon Our edge on the water is the fact we find the birds first. The radar gets us in the right area, binoculars put us in the right spot. Everyone on board will have a set of the Nikon 7 by

publish May 22, 2020 18

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