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**Insane Underwater Footage** Fish Attacking Lures And Bass Fishing Tips!

Watch these bass attacking all kinds of lures! They’re ambushing jigs, swimbaits, jerkbaits, and even topwater! We’re studying their behavior to understand what makes them lash out. When we know what causes them to let one lure pass by and then sud

publish January 22, 2021 9
A-Rig Tricks: Everything You Need To Know For Spring And Winter Bass Fishing

We all know A-Rigs catch big bass in Spring and Winter. But how do you build an Alabama Rig? Which heads work the best, which wire shapes last the longest, and which A-Rigs won’t break when you need them most? Where should you fish with the rig and does

publish January 20, 2021 14
Electronics Tricks To Find More Fish! (Winter Fishing Edition)

Winter fishing can be very challenging but mastering your electronics will make it much easier! If you’re not catching fish you start wondering if they’re even around, if you’re in the right part of the lake, or if its what you’re using

publish January 18, 2021 19
Fishing Below Freezing For Big Bass! Chickamauga In Winter!

Its Frozen solid! Its 21 degrees but Matt and Tim are back on the water for some Winter bass fishing. Come along for a frozen day on Chickamauga as the guys put together a really nice bag of fish. They’re throwing reaction baits despite the frigid temper

publish January 15, 2021 24
How To Catch Bass With Plastic Worms **Underwater Footage Of Bass Attacking Lures**

We can learn more in a few minutes underwater than we can in months on a boat! Watching how bass bite different lures, what makes them lash out,  what causes them to back away, is incredible information that makes us better bass fisherman! Today we’

publish January 13, 2021 33
New Boat For 2021!! Aluminum Jet Boat!

Let’s go exploring! This aluminum boat has been Matt’s dream for 3 years! While fast bass boats and advanced technologies are important parts of bass fishing, there is something to be said for a basic aluminum that can run in skinny water, away fro

publish January 11, 2021 39
How To Catch Bass In Cold Water Without Slowing Down!

Winter fishing doesn’t have to be boring! So many anglers have fallen into the trap of slow, methodical fishing in the Winter. Did you know you can trigger a feed response by speeding up? Its true! Matt explains the keys to getting consistent bites in th

publish January 8, 2021 46
Winter Bass Fishing: Crankbaits, Blade Baits, and A-Rigs For Cold Water Bass

We’re back on the water at Chickamauga and the bass are biting! Most anglers think of January as finesse fishing time but that’s not what we’re doing! While finesse can be effective, there is something rewarding about successfully power fishi

publish January 6, 2021 34
Matt's Cancer Surgery **Positive Update**

2020 was a brutal year for all of us! Matt and Tim both visit the dermatologist on a regular basis because of the amount of sun exposure they receive each year. After a clean bill of health early in 2020 Matt noticed a small spot on his cheek by late Summer. W

publish January 5, 2021 30
3 Ned Rig Tricks For Winter Fishing!

The Ned Rig is amazing in the Winter Time! Fishing in the cold can be tough, especially if you’re second guessing your lure choice. With new brands piling onto the Ned Rig bandwagon every day, its hard to know which baits to focus on and how to dial them

publish January 4, 2021 31
Are We Fishing Your Lake In 2021?!

The New Year is here and we’re getting back on the road! 2020 was crazy for all of us. Some lost loved ones, others lost jobs, some found human kindness where it was least expected, and a few stuck some big fish in the midst of the chaos. What does 2021

publish January 1, 2021 28
MAYHEM In South America!! *Teaser*

An adventure of a lifetime! In early 2020, eight friends set out into the jungles of Guyana in search of the largest freshwater fish in the world! There were rumors of GIANT Arapaima that could only be targeting with artificials. There were other rumors of wor

publish December 31, 2020 35

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