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Summer Fishing a Senko and Jig For Clear Water Bass

We’re targeting shallow water bass, in heavy cover, in crystal clear water. Flipping and pitching is easy with heavy tackle but what do you do when the water is clear? We’ve downsized our gear, switched to light line, and are going deep in the cove

publish August 7, 2020 10
How To Catch Bass When Its HOT! (Its Easy)

Its HOT!!! Let’s go fishing! If you know where to look you can catch a ton of Summer time bass despite the heat! Matt demonstrates where bass go on hot days, catches a bunch of them along the way, and gives critical tips on how their movements change as

publish August 5, 2020 15
Best Hooks For Bass Fishing: Senko, Worms, Crankbaits, Topwater, Swimbait!

So many hooks, so little time! Its taken us years (and hundreds of packs of hooks) to develop this short list of the best hooks for different situations. Whether you want to wacky rig a senko, punch a creature, or throw a deep diving crankbait, we’ve com

publish August 3, 2020 20
Summer Fishing For Bass with Jigs, Creature Baits, and Plastic Worms!

Summer fishing is easy if you know where to look! Today Matt’s Dad joins us as we target bass near deep water with 3 key summertime techniques. If you want to catch more bass, pay close attention to how the guys use the shaky head worm, jig, and wobble h

publish July 31, 2020 38
Which Fishing Line Is Best? Braid vs Monofilament vs Fluorocarbon

Find out which fishing line you should use for different techniques! Do you know there are tricks to make your fishing even easier? Let’s start simple for beginner anglers then dive in deep for advanced anglers. We’re covering all the different lin

publish July 29, 2020 49
Buzzbaits and Frogs! Summer Bass Fishing On Clearlake!

After months on the road we’re finally back on Clearlake! Come along as we explore the lake, build patterns, and catch fish! Matt utilizes a buzzbait, frog, and toad to catch a fish in the grass on a hot Summer day. Many anglers avoid fishing in the heat

publish July 27, 2020 41
Raw and Uncut Fishing For GIANT Fish! HUGE Bass On Ultralight Tackle!

Come along for a whole day of fishing! We’re on the Great Lakes targeting bass with finesse tackle and are catching a ton of fish! Its raw and uncut so if you’ve ever wanted to watch a 6+ lb Smallmouth caught from cast to catch on a swimbait, this

publish July 24, 2020 61
Best Fishing Knots Made Easy! 5 Knots You Need To Know!

Learn a couple of these easy knots and you’ll be able to catch fish anywhere in the world! We choose our knots based on ease of tying and consistent results. You don’t need special tools and you don’t need to use your knees and toes to help t

publish July 22, 2020 79
New Kayak Review! Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136!

This kayak just won “Best Of Show” At ICAST 2020, let’s look at why! When we heard the Sportsman Autopilot 136 had an Ultrex trolling motor and could “spot lock” to hold position so we didn’t have to paddle the kayak constan

publish July 20, 2020 65
Sight Casting For GIANT Smallmouth Bass In The Clearest Water You've Ever Seen!

We’ve found water so clear you can see giant bass swimming 50 yards away! We’re sight casting to them like they’re snook on a saltwater flat and its working!!! Come along as Matt and CC stalk big fish with ultralight tackle in the Great Lakes

publish July 17, 2020 71
Tricks To Catch More Topwater And Crankbait Fish This Summer!

Summer bass are aggressive if you know WHERE to look! Even more important is knowing WHEN to look! If you want to catch topwater and crankbait fish in the heat of Summer, the most likely bite is the low light pattern. Get up early and stay out late to catch ba

publish July 15, 2020 63
How To Fish A Tube: Everything You Need To Know! **GIANT Smallmouth Caught!**

A Tube will catch everything that swims! When you know how to use the different tube styles and sizes, heads, hooks, and colors, the tube becomes incredibly adaptable! They work all year long no matter how shallow or deep you’re fishing. Today Matt and C

publish July 13, 2020 71

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