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Winter Fishing Tips: Ultra Finesse Baits When Its COLD!!

Is Winter wearing you down? Are you catching nothing but a cold when you go to the lake? A lot of anglers share your struggle and a few even give up and wait for “fishing season” to come back around in Spring. Don’t be those guys! Winter bass

publish December 30, 2020 32
How To Catch Big Bass In Winter: Swimbait Tips For Cold Water Bass Fishing

Swimbaits are easy! They’re not complicated, there is no mystery, and you can start catching bass on swimbaits any time you want. Its all about knowing which swimbaits work at different times and how to put them to work for you. Today Matt breaks down th

publish December 28, 2020 39
Wide Open Winter Bass Fishing! Its A Slugfest!

Come along for a day on the water as we pound the fish while battling the cold! Most anglers think the Winter is tough fishing but it can be amazing! We’re targeting fish with a wide variety of baits but the big ones are eating a tube and a jig on this c

publish December 25, 2020 45
Catching Winter Bass On Almost Every Cast!

Think Winter Bass Fishing is tough? It doesn’t have to be! When you understand how the fish are positioned and which baits will trigger them to feed, it can be amazing! Come along as Tim explores a brand new lake and starts getting bites from big bass on

publish December 23, 2020 51
Buyer's Guide: Squarebills and Lipless Crankbaits For Every Season

Today’s Buyer’s guide is all about the reaction bite. In an effort to pack in as much information as possible, we’ve combined two of the largest crankbait categories into our final buyer’s guide of the season. We’re looking at sha

publish December 21, 2020 43
Buyer's Guide: Best Jigs and Trailers For Bass Fishing

In today’s Buyer’s Guide we’re exploring the best jigs for every situation! From swim jigs to football jigs, flipping to finesse, there is a jig that will help you catch more fish. Come along as we explore the different styles, what they̵

publish December 18, 2020 58
Buyer's Guide: Best Tackle Storage Solutions And Gear Protection!

In today’s Buyer’s Guide we’re focused on tackle organization and gear protection. Being more efficient on the boat and at home leads to more fishing time on the water. From better organizing your crankbaits, to protecting your reels, there a

publish December 16, 2020 69
Buyer's Guide: Best Jerkbaits For Bass Fishing

In today’s Buyer’s Guide we’re looking at the best jerkbaits for catching bass throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a subtle jerkbait for cold water fishing or an aggressive jerkbait for the Spring and Fall bites, we’ve

publish December 14, 2020 56
Buyer's Guide: Chatterbaits and Spinnerbaits for Every Situation

In today’s Buyer’s Guide we’re going in-depth with chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, and a variety of trailers. We’re looking at the best baits at each price, the best trailers to create the profile and action you need, and the knowledge to p

publish December 11, 2020 64
Buyer's Guide: Best Dropshot Baits and Gear!

Today’s Buyer’s Guide is all about dropshotting! The dropshot is a reliable way to catch bass throughout the year. Paired with the right baits, it can produce big bass as well. We’ve selected a handful of baits for this video that work except

publish December 9, 2020 66
Winter Bass Fishing: Simple Tricks To Catch More Fish!

Winter doesn’t have to be tough! Today we’re on Watts Bar Lake after a storm. Its cold, post-front, and windy, but that won’t stop us from catching a pile of fish! Come along for an awesome multi-species day of fish catching as we dial in a p

publish December 7, 2020 74
Where Do Bass Go In Winter? (And How To Catch Them!)

As Winter sets in, the bass make one final transition. The fish that had been ambushing baitfish in the shallows suddenly vanish. You look across the lake and there is no longer any kind of surface activity. Where has everything gone? And most importantly, can

publish December 4, 2020 94

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