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Summer Worm Fishing Tricks for Shallow and Deep Water Bass

Are you missing it? There are so many great ways to fish a plastic worm! Come along with Tim as he demonstrates a 2-bait method to maximize your time on the water when finesse fishing for Summer bass. You can fish from 40+ feet all the way up to the water̵

publish June 10, 2020 56
RUNAWAY BOAT CRASH!! – Lake Chickamauga Summer Boating

IT HAPPENS FAST! After the driver was ejected his boat spun out of control. With no operator to slow it down and the throttle pinned, the boat was whipping donuts uncontrollably. The boat made its way dangerously close to an island full of partying weekend boa

publish June 9, 2020 62
Summer Fishing Tricks: Early Morning Bite (Whopper plopper and Crankbait)

No one likes getting up early but in Summer, its worth it! Midday the lake can feel like a Dead Sea if you don’t know where to look but in the morning, everything is alive! Come along with Matt on the Tennessee River as he explores new water and builds a

publish June 8, 2020 44
Trackback – 43 Years Of Television – Tatted Strength – Potential – New Content This Week – 6/5/2020

TOM ROWLAND PODCAST TUESDAY We started out this week with my friend Capt Scott Walker from Into the Blue Television show.  Scott is a wizard with electronics and over the past few weeks, he has gone over how he sets up his radar to mark birds, how he uses

publish June 5, 2020 47
Where Do Fish Go In Summer? (And How To Catch Them)

Have your fish disappeared? Are you struggling to get a bite? Today Matt explains exactly where Bass go during the Summer in your local lake. Once you understand how fish move throughout the seasons, catching them consistently throughout the year becomes reall

publish June 5, 2020 40
Hawks Cay Wrecks

Check out the action with us before it airs on television and watch our brand new episode streaming on Waypoint TV. S12:E9 – “Hawks Cay Wrecks” (2020) Capt Scott Walker and Capt Steve Rodger explore the fertile waters around Hawk’s Cay This epi

publish June 4, 2020 53
What Gear Do We Really Use? Take A Look! (Cross Country Road Trip)

Ever wonder what we’ve really got in the boat? What lures are we actually carrying below deck? Which Covid slowing down we decided to drive all the way across the country to fish and spend time with family. We loaded the boats with everything we thought

publish June 3, 2020 40
Great Bait! I'm Hooked

Check out the action with us before it airs on television and watch our brand new episode streaming on Waypoint TV. S12:E10 – “Great Bait! I’m Hooked” (2020) Capt Scott Walker and Capt Steve Rodger break down the best-kept secret bait spots in the

publish June 2, 2020 37
Frog Fishing And Topwater On Lake Chickamauga – Big Bass Caught!

Come along on Lake Chickamauga as we explore a new lake and catch fish! Pay close attention as we refine a pattern and put it into action with no outside information. Chickamauga has almost 800 feet of shoreline but we’re able to build a pattern in minut

publish June 1, 2020 46
My Wife Bought A Boat! Full Tour of CC's New (Used) Boat – Complete DIY Restoration

Our wives love to fish! CC already had an older Ranger bass boat but she needed a larger platform. She upgraded to a used Champion 198 this Winter and has been working on DIY projects to dial it in all Spring. When she got the boat it was stripped, leaving roo

publish May 29, 2020 59
Senko and Topwater – Kayak Bass Fishing A Small Backwater Creek

Let’s go fishing! Tim is in a small creek with crystal clear water that dumps into a big murky water lake. He’s targeting post spawn bass with a Senko, popper, dropshot, and swimbait. The bass moved into this creek to spawn but now they’re fe

publish May 27, 2020 52
Ultimate Frog Review: 14 Frogs Compared! (Frog Fishing Tips For Summer Bass Fishing)

Which frog is the best? Let’s compare their action in the water and find out! Come along as we test swim and review 14 different frogs in search of the best walking frogs, popping frogs, and all around producers. If you like frog fishing, this video is g

publish May 25, 2020 47

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