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Buyer's Guide: Craw and Creature Baits for Year Round Success!

Creature baits are not all created equal! In today’s buyer’s guide we’re simplifying creatures and craws by narrowing it down to 8 baits for different situations. Each of these baits will help you catch more fish throughout the year! Whether

publish December 2, 2020 92
Buyer's Guide: Best $500 Rod and Reel Combos!

$500 Combos are the best “Bang For The Buck” in the entire industry! Some of these rods should be priced hundreds of dollars higher but thankfully, they remain very affordable. If you’re looking to take your angling to the next level, any of

publish December 2, 2020 63
Buyer's Guide: High End Rod and Reel Combos!! Best Rods Money Can Buy!

Its time! The lightest, most sensitive tackle on the market is the focus of today’s Buyer’s Guide! Today we’re exploring the finest casting and spinning combos you can get! We’re looking at a variety of rods and reels, discussing the ad

publish December 1, 2020 91
Buyer's Guide: Swimbaits and Glide Baits!

Today’s Buyer’s Guide is all about big swimbaits! There are so many options between Glide Baits, Multi-Joints, Boot Tails, Wedge Tails, Wakes, Crankdowns, and so many more… How do you know where to start?! Swimbaits aren’t cheap so making the right cho

publish December 1, 2020 60
Buyer's Guide: Deep Diving Crankbaits For Winter And Summer Bass Fishing

Which crankbaits catch the most fish? With thousands of crankbaits to choose from, which baits are worth trying? Today we’ve gathered our top picks for Summer Time Cranking and our top picks for Winter Time Cranking, and combined them into the ultimate C

publish December 1, 2020 66
Buyer's Guide: Ned Rig Baits And Tips For Year Round Success!

The Ned Rig has become the most popular finesse presentation in bass fishing! There is something about that little worm standing up on the bottom that just gets bit when nothing else will. With its surge in popularity, every major brand in the industry has jum

publish December 1, 2020 45
Buyer's Guide: Best $400 Rod and Reel Combos!

This Buyer’s Guide takes it to the next level! The $400 price range for rod and reel combos opens up a whole world of higher end equipment. You’re talking about sensitive blanks, dialed in actions, and technique specific rods. With reels you’

publish November 25, 2020 51
Buyer’s Guide: Best $200 Rod and Reel Combos!

This Buyer’s Guide is about finding the best value. $100 rods and $100 reels are a huge leap up from their $50 counterparts! The “bang for the buck” that is gained, far exceeds the dollars spent. $200 combos offer increased sensitivity, better components

publish November 24, 2020 52
Buyer’s Guide: Best $100 Rod and Reel Combos!

Today’s Buyer’s Guide is about finding the best “bang for the buck” amongst $100 combos. In recent years three brands have really stepped up, offering exception quality and value near the $100 price point. Whether you’re looking for your first qualit

publish November 23, 2020 40
The Best Way To Protect Your Boat From UV Damage

Living in an area that doesn’t have a winter season can seem like a blessing to boaters. You don’t have to worry about winterizing your boat or protecting it from the snow and freezing temperatures. However, living in sunny climates can also be a bad thing

publish November 21, 2020 53
Winter Bass Fishing: Finesse Tips To Keep Catching Fish!

Winter is coming fast! If your fish disappear as the water gets cold, there is hope! Over the years we’ve found a handful of key baits that get bit day after day, year after year, even when conditions are tough. If the Winter blues are setting in, turn to th

publish November 20, 2020 61
Bass Fishing: Top 10 Baits of 2020!!

What were the best baits of 2020? Which baits caught the biggest fish? Which baits caught the most? We were blessed with a bunch of great fish catches this year as we traveled around the country. Come along as we look back on some of the best catches of the ye

publish November 18, 2020 58

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