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Catching GIANT Fish in a FLOODED Creek

admin October 24, 2018 128 No Comments


With the river blown out, I fished Chickamauga Creek with my buddy Phil. I was able to cast net about two dozen threadfin shad, which we used as bait. Our hunch was to catch catfish, but the freshwater drum would not keep off our baits. They were fun to catch, especially the big ones. Don’tRead More

Catching BIG Catfish during the Summer Doldrums (Ft. Realistic Fishing)

admin September 15, 2018 164 No Comments


Alex came down from Nashville to experience some light tackle catfishing. He had a blast catching some big catfish on his bass gear setup. Biggest catfish on light tackle was just shy of 18 lbs. Later that night we switched to anchor fishing, specifically targeting a GIANT. We did get one fish that ended upRead More

Free-Lining Cut Bait to Catch Catfish (Ft. Realistic Fishing, Panfish)

admin August 9, 2018 143 No Comments


The light tackle drifting has been on fire. We caught several catfish this day using cut skipjack. We were free-lining the bait with no sinkers. We let the weight of the bait naturally sink down. This presentation seems to entice the catfish to take the bait. We did catch a few catfish on the heavyRead More

Fishing for Catfish near Barges and Construction Sites

admin June 27, 2018 150 No Comments


Barges and construction sites are always good spots to catch fish. When fishing these areas, I look for debris and structure. Catfish will most likely be there in these circumstances. It was exciting catching two catfish at the first construction site, then the 17 lb blue in the gorge, and then the 15 lb blueRead More

Catching Catfish on Skipjack Shad

admin October 2, 2017 168 No Comments


I took a little trip with my daughter, Kaylee. We hit Nickajack Lake hoping to find a big one. Action was slow. Not surprising, tho, considering it was brutally hot outside. It’s been a pretty hot September. Once air and water temps cool down, the anchor bite should pick back up. Cut skipjack is myRead More