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Sexy Bikini Yoga | Intense Flexibility!

admin December 2, 2019 71 No Comments


Sexy Bikini Model doing her hot yoga on the beach. Longer Workouts on Patreon: Sexy Bikini Workout Follow Lucie on Instagram: Lucie_Zova source

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Common Side Imaging Confusions Explained! | Bass Fishing Fish Finder Basics

admin December 1, 2019 60 No Comments


Side imaging is one of these most misunderstood aspects of fish finders among new bass fisherman. In this video, I break down exactly how to interpret the side imaging view on your graph. I also explain how to know where objects that appear on your screen are in relation to your boat. Hope you enjoy!Read More

Best Tasting Freshwater Fish??? Crappie Catch & Cook (DELICIOUS!)

admin November 8, 2019 59 No Comments


Is this the most delicious freshwater fish? (Crappie Catch and Cook) Went out today with a bucket of minnows and a pocket full of jigs to see if I catch my favorite freshwater fish source

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